How to Create Email Subject Lines People Will Open

Email Subject LinesHow often do you check your phone for emails or messages? Six times a day? Ten times? Maybe you’re one of the thousands of people who check their phone more than 20 times daily.

According to a recent study taken by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the average mobile user checks his/her phone 150 times a day. This study also revealed that the average person checks their messaging 23 times daily.  This is good news for marketers because it increases the chances of people opening our emails.

This makes you really appreciate technology. The old days of waiting for people to get to a PC to check emails are long gone. Thanks to email apps, Smartphone users no longer have to login manually to read emails. Emails just instantly appear on the mobile screen.

That means, every person you send an email to who has an app, will see your email appear on their mobile screen. The question is, will the person actually open and read your email.


Make More Sales with Your Site with This One Strategy

Why use Slideshare to increase seoI’ve been getting requests lately to share some more technical “tricks” that immediately generate sales. (Don’t worry, if this one sounds too advanced, we can provide this service for you.) I aim to please, so here’s a way to drive search engine traffic to your site that is often overlooked.

Start knowing that you want targeted search engine traffic. That means getting people that are looking for very specific services or products.  Getting your website to rank high on search engines will increase sales if you get targeted high converting visitors.  I recommend getting search engine traffic using vertical content, and slideshows is one of the many options to do that. (I am going to use slideshare.net in my example but there are other slideshow sites you can utilize. You can also try sliderocket.com and scribd.com.)  And this is so easy that you can implement this in one hour!


How Pinterest Is Increasing Online Sales

Pinterest Ecommerce Stats

If you sell products, Pinterest is your new best friend. Recent studies reveal some interesting statistics for online retailers.  Did you know that if you pin on Pinterest on a Saturday your product is more likely to go viral?