Make More Sales with Your Site with This One Strategy

Why use Slideshare to increase seoI’ve been getting requests lately to share some more technical “tricks” that immediately generate sales. (Don’t worry, if this one sounds too advanced, we can provide this service for you.) I aim to please, so here’s a way to drive search engine traffic to your site that is often overlooked.

Start knowing that you want targeted search engine traffic. That means getting people that are looking for very specific services or products.  Getting your website to rank high on search engines will increase sales if you get targeted high converting visitors.  I recommend getting search engine traffic using vertical content, and slideshows is one of the many options to do that. (I am going to use slideshare.net in my example but there are other slideshow sites you can utilize. You can also try sliderocket.com and scribd.com.)  And this is so easy that you can implement this in one hour!


7 Things Your Site Needs to Maximize Sales

Best way to make sales on website

Two business owners with the same product are getting dramatically different sales.  The pricing is similar. The product is almost identical.  Then why the difference?

I’ve built over 500 websites.  On any given day entrepreneurs ranging from underfunded startups to million dollars businesses connect with me to help them get to the next level. There are five areas that separate the successful sites from the ones that don’t work. I’ve decided to give you the inside scoop on these areas in a series of blog posts. I want you to get as many sales as possible, so I’ve decided to share my secrets!

So back to my question…why do some entrepreneurs get to the next level in sales while others find themselves frustrated? Here are the 7 things you need to implement in your website for maximum sales.