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Why use Slideshare to increase seoI’ve been getting requests lately to share some more technical “tricks” that immediately generate sales. (Don’t worry, if this one sounds too advanced, we can provide this service for you.) I aim to please, so here’s a way to drive search engine traffic to your site that is often overlooked.

Start knowing that you want targeted search engine traffic. That means getting people that are looking for very specific services or products.  Getting your website to rank high on search engines will increase sales if you get targeted high converting visitors.  I recommend getting search engine traffic using vertical content, and slideshows is one of the many options to do that. (I am going to use slideshare.net in my example but there are other slideshow sites you can utilize. You can also try sliderocket.com and scribd.com.)  And this is so easy that you can implement this in one hour!

Let’s see an example from my company, PRUnderground. This is a presentation on WordPress SEO Beginner to Advanced. The presentation is 12 months old and still showing up on the first page of Google on the search term “wordpress seo for beginners”.  There are over 1 million results for that search terms and it comes up as #7.  That’s great for a simple Powerpoint slideshow, right?  But more importantly, PRUnderground.com continues to get visitors from this slideshow.

PRUnderground Slideshare

Here is how you generate targeted traffic to your site using slideshows:

1. Select the right keywords.
You want to be strategic and think of keywords your target market uses when searching on Google.  You also want to use a phrase (aka Long Tail Keyword) and not one word for this technique.  In our example, PRUnderground, wanted to rank for “wordpress seo for beginners”.

2. Optimize your slide.
Add the slideshow title in the title field. Make sure the title has your target keywords. The title will become the URL of the presentation. For example: http://www.slideshare.net/Prunderground/wordpress-seo-beginner-to-advanced
Then add tags, category and description. The tags and description should also have your keywords. This will all help you rank high!

3. Include links to your website.
At the bottom of your slides, have a link to your site.  The links do not increase your search ranking but it drives traffic to your site from Slideshare. (Cool tip, right?)

4. Get your presentation on the home page of slideshare.net.
You get more traffic to your site if you can get your slideshow on the homepage of slideshare.  How do you do that?  Slideshare will put you on their homepage if you get a lot of shares and views on the first day of your presentation.  That means as soon as you upload the slideshow start sharing it across your email list, social media and email signature.

That’s it!  It should take you no more than one hour to select your keywords and upload an optimized slideshow.

ps – If your biggest challenge is “I don’t have a slideshow” don’t get stuck. You can take images of your products, bullet points with tips, a reformatted version of a blog post, a simple “how to” and any other content that you can repurpose into a simple PDF and upload it to slideshare.net.

I’d love to know if you’d like more advanced tips like these or if you’d prefer I kept them less “techy”. My greatest goal is to the most sales, so your input is really helpful. Will you let me know below?

About Gina Nieves

Gina Nieves is an expert at getting increased sales through websites. Since founding MarkNet Group, she has overseen the design of 500 websites and $30 million in sales. She writes about how to increase sales through your website. You can follow her at Google+ or Twitter.

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