Do you want to get more
clients with your website?

Do you find yourself spending too much time tweaking your website and not making sales? Are you frustrated with your site? Do you get overwhelmed at the thought of writing the copy or a sales page?

Imagine having a website that you’re proud of…one that helps you grow your business. Feel the confidence in knowing that when you send someone to your site it will consistently convert them to buying…without endless “tweaks” or edits you need to still make. You should know in your gut that you’ve done everything you should to attract more clients and make more money.

If you’d like to get more new clients consistently, there is a solution. The good news is there are simple, straightforward ways to make more sales with your website and I’d love to show you how! The sites I’ve designed have brought in over $30 million in sales and the truth is that you don’t need to know much technology to get a lot more clients.

Gina is a genius at generating sales online! Besides her results, the best thing about Gina is her heart. She patiently holds your hand through the whole process. My business has dramatically changed since I hired her!

Lindsay Wilson,

Most entrepreneurs spend the majority of their energy and time focused on the wrong things on their website. Here’s a hint – your logo and tagline actually aren’t what convinces people to buy. And, you don’t need to be stuck in an endless cycle of changes. (If you’re spending lots of time constantly reworking your site, there’s a problem!)

Thanks to Gina, I have constant growth in my business! The results we got were phenomenal! It put us on the map and helped us build our brand. We get new clients daily. Her excitement and positive energy feeds on itself. Incredibly we had fun getting our ideas into reality. She listened and made it happen!

Robert Ambrosi,

Increase Website Sales

Recently many of my clients have pleaded with me to put everything together in one simple, easy-to-use system that works for non-technical entrepreneurs. A virtual holding of the hands if you will! Here’s what I have created for you:

I have pulled together everything I have learned about gaining more clients from building 500+ websites. If you are ready to play a bigger game, get more exposure and make more sales, this class will teach exactly how! (In fact when you follow my simple web sales system, you will never have to worry about where to get your next paying customer again.) My clients have increased sales simply by changing a blog title or the color of a buy now button. If you don’t know these secrets, you could be losing a lot of money. And, if you don’t have a website yet, this course is perfect for you. You will avoid the mistakes many people make and jump start your online sales from the beginning.

Gina is my go to web guru! She makes the process of building a website, sales page or anything else a no-brainer. Not to mention her ninja skills at getting ranked on the first page of google and getting your site seen.

Cynthia Englett, Nutritional and Lifestyle Design Rockstar

Gina’s class was well organized and packed with practical and useful information. The results I got from working with Gina was the confidence I needed to make positive and impact-full changes to my website. I’d recommend Gina to any individual trying to make sales from their site.

Heather Downes,

You Will Walk Away With:

  • Website Layouts that Produce Results
  • Exactly How to Increase Sales With Your Blog
  • How to Attract Profitable New Clients
  • Search Engine Marketing That Works
  • Get More Clients Quickly
  • How to Increase Sales with Your Email List
  • Easily Write the Perfect Sales Page

Here is a secret…it is not about the technology. It’s actually simple & easy to implement.

What You Will Get:

  • Access to Online Video Training
  • Worksheets & Checklists to Help You Implement Each Step

Honestly, if you were to hire me as a consultant to your site, getting this information would cost you thousands of dollars. However, I love helping entrepreneurs and have put this together at a fraction of the cost that it takes to rebuild a website that doesn’t work.

The results I got from working with Gina were amazing! She understands fully what I need and I can count on her to do a spectacular job. I’d recommend Gina to any entrepreneur that is ready to have a website.

Susan Newman,

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After a brief consultation with Gina I put her system into action, and within a couple of hours my client got three sales calls. Now that is results!

Laura Hartwig, Laura Hartwig Design

If you struggle and are anxious with your website, and you struggle with getting clients, you have my complete commitment to change that. But in order for it to change that, you have to take action. I’d love for you to join us!