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Testimonials on sales pages

BaseCamp’s use of testimonials – brilliant & effective!

You have a great product or service that customers love. You are ready to share it with the rest of the world and can’t wait to start selling more! You write the copy for your sales page. You list the benefits, features and figure out the best price point. And yet, the page doesn’t convert to the sales you want. Here’s the quick fix to change that!

A great sales page needs great testimonials. When someone sees that not just you – but other people – know, like and trust what you’re selling, they’ll buy! Here are my top 5 tips for testimonials:

1. Include a Photo.  A lot of people purchase based on other people’s opinions. So if they can see a picture of who is raving about your offering, they’re more comfortable purchasing. Some companies are even splashing their entire home page with a testimonial.

2. Results. Results. Results. The testimonials should be filled with results not just character compliments.  When I first began gathering testimonials, my customers would say things like: “I love working with Gina because she cares about my business like its her own”.  While that is true it did not talk about the real reason why people hire me — I help them increase sales.  When I shifted to results-driven testimonials, my own sales increased. Replacing “Gina cares about my business like its her own”  with  “My sales increased by 30% after Gina redid my auto responder. I love her!” gets to the heart of what people want when they buy from me.

3. Ask for the Testimonial.  If you ask for an open ended testimonial, you will get a lot of great compliments but they won’t necessarily help you sell. I recommend you ask this question, “What three results have you gotten from using my product/service?”  This insures you will have a sales page friendly testimonial.

4. Quantity.  For my clients, I like to have at least one testimonial in every section of their sales pages. On the top, middle, bottom, before the Pay Now button and at the bottom.  Lately, I’ve even refined the use of testimonials so their text refers to what the section above it says. For example, just above the Pay Now button we’ve used a testimonial that says, “Buying this was the best investment I ever made. I got my money back ten fold!”.

5. Truth Matters. This one is obvious but I have had customers submit fake testimonials to me.  I understand if you have a new product or service you may not have a testimonial. This is where gifting your work is beneficial. Before you launch the official product, give a free sample or portion of your program to people for free.  This way, you can refine your offering and have a handful of testimonials.

I’m contemplating releasing more training on how to write sales pages that sell. If you’re interested, I’d love for you to comment so I can start preparing it!

About Gina Nieves

Gina Nieves is an expert at getting increased sales through websites. Since founding MarkNet Group, she has overseen the design of 500 websites and $30 million in sales. She writes about how to increase sales through your website. You can follow her at Google+ or Twitter.

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